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on the roof of his home was rescue. two u.s. aircraft carriers are at the ready. american rescue teams with sniffer dogs have arrived to search for survivors. helicopters are delivering food and supply. many are still without food and water. stores here in tokyo have been stripped of the bare essentials. especially water. and there are long lines at gas stations. people here are worried about the threat of another earthquake, a tsunami, or a nuclear emergency. japan is battling the threat of multiple nuclear meltdowns at crippled reactors. the government is rationing electricity with rolling blackouts beginning monday. but this prime minister says his country will get over this disaster. eyewitness news. >> once again we want to go back to the live pictures where we confirm there has been another explosion at a nuclear power plant. we are closely watching the situation. we are told by the nuclear regulatory commission that harmful levels of radiation activity are not expected to reach u.s. shores. stay with wjz for the coverage in japan. for the latest log on to if there are m
believe very, very strongly in the u.s. justice system. and we are going to let the justice system prevail. >> reporter: prosecutors say that when detectives told the suspect's family members what she was accused of, she asked to speak to her family, she told them i don't want to disappoint you, i'm sorry. in rockville, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >>> purr murray was a part time student at john hopkins. >>> wjz is live, tonight kelly mcpherson speaks to the man who owns all of those dogs. >> reporter: this is being called a classic hording case. but the man who lived with 51 dogs disagrees. inside this pasadena home, animal control found 51 dogs. who are now up for adoption but the homeowner swears he's not a horder. >> i didn't start out to see how many dogs that i could accumulate. >> reporter: neighbors have smelled the problem for years. >> when you go for a walk and if you head toward the park you're going to go right by it. on a warm day you really wanted to go by fast and try not to breathe. >> i always hear a lot of dogs yapping inside. but, 51? >> it wasn't easy. it was
. >> reporter: avoiding civilian casualties has been priority number one for u.s. troops enforcing the no fly zone over libya. thursday, libyan state tv broadcasts mangled bodies. then a mass funeral. >> you are killing our children, you are killing our women. you are destroying our country. >> reporter: but u.s. sources say they know no casualties, other than those killed by gadhafi. if these people the no fly zone was designed to protect. the united nations voted last week to take military action to protect libyan citizens. taken six days of negotiation to get nato on board to take over the mission. u.s. led coalition forces will protect. terrell brown, cbs news the united nations. >>> nato will have a final plan by the weekend over how to take over the mission in libya. >>> in japan, two workers were injured on the site. tokyo's regional governor drank a glass of water and called it delicious to reduce the fear. >>> a benefit concert for the victims. hillary han was forced to cancel her concert in japan. so instead she is donating all funds from this concert to japan. >>> elizabeth taylor
. >>> kadhafi targeted. the libyan leader's compound hit by rockets. tonight more fiery attacks from u.s. warships. a lot of new developments, good evening everyone, thanks for joining us. the libyan government tonight claims that the u.s. is trying to kill muammar kadhafi but now the american military says that's simply not true. scott goldberg reports from the united nations. >> reporter: the libyan government spokesman says these are parts of a rocket that hit leader muammar kadhafi's compound sunday night. >> why is the rocket here? this is a dangerous location. the americans attacked this location in 1986 when they tried to assassinate then. >> reporter: the empty administrative building he claims was hit by enemy fire is near kadhafi's tent where he receives guests. the pentagon and obama administration officials say kadhafi is not a target. >> the one thing there is common agreement on is the terms set forth in the security council resolution. if we start adding additional objectives then we create a problem. >> reporter: over tripoli fire lit up the sky for a second night in a ro
to reassure americans. nato is taking over but the president is not outlining a specific u.s. exit strategy. >> president obama delivered his address to a. >> a coalition has been forged and countless lives have been saved. >> reporter: that's the sole mandate of the un resolution. the president says the u.s. will continue to be involved in that mission. >> the united states will play a supporting role, including intelligence, search and rescue assistance and capabilities to jam communications. >> reporter: but the president says the u.s. won't go the way of the iraq war. he says talks in london tuesday will focus on what type of political effort is need to do pressure gadhafi to step down. >> reporter: senators mccain and reed believe gadhafi must go. but must continue to take necessary measures to get gadhafi to leave. the president did not say how long the u.s. would be involved or how much the mission will cost. but he says the transfer of command to nato will reduce america's risk and costs. at the white house,. >>> also in libya tonight, a woman who ran in and said she was raped by ga
the sky over tripoli for a fourth straight night. u.s. and coalition forces are not letting up in what they say are tactical strikes. >> i said at the outset this was going to be a matter of days and not weeks. and there's nothing based on how we've been able to execute over the last several days that changes that assessment. >> reporter: tuesday night, libyan state tv showed a defiant gadhafi addressing his supporters in tripoli. this is a new crusader campaign waged over islam, he said. allies are operating under a united nations resolution. their mission is limited to policing a no fly zone and protecting civilians. but the libyan government says the u.s. led forces have gone too far. destroying for example a naval facility they say was used only for maintenance and storage. the only coalition loss so far an american f15 war plane. the u.s. says mechanical failure brought it down in rebel territory. both crew members ejected and were helped by civilians on the ground. manuel gallegos. >>> and three journalists were taken into custody. the photographer was told that he would be decap
capture more cities and u.s. hands over the no fly over zone to nato. >> coalition forces hit tripoli and for the first time moammar gadhafi hometown of citery, there were casualtys. >> there's more cities. sirte was attacked and three stylers were killed. u.s.-led the attacks. now nato has agreed to takeover command. rebels handed out food to civilians after recapturing the town. on sunday the opposition pushed west and controlled all the main oil terminals. one rebel said there was no resistance from forces loyal to moammar gadhafi. >> based on the intelligence and what the military are seeing the moammar gadhafi forces are with crawing the security council meads monday. president obama addresses the nation late more the evening. the military operation has gone well. the u.s. will begin reducing the forces within weeks, but he doesn't think anyone knows if military operationing will be over by year's end. >>> president obama speech to bombing in libya will begin at 8:00 tomorrow night. you can watch that here. >>> get ready to pay more to hit the road. state leaders are talking abou
is palpable. airplanes are jammed. thursday the u.s. government offered to evacuate u.s. citizens. >> i am concerned because i don't know the situation about the radiation. >> reporter: many japanese are fleeing the northeast region and moving to shelters like this one in the northwest. they find a place on the floor to sleep and a little bit of food. the biz the misery hangs heavy over much of japan. the terror the water rushed higher higher and the relief as neighbors rescued neighbors. thank you, thank you she says. i thought i was going going to die. >>> kelly mcpherson continues our coverage for the frightening deal for a maryland student trying to get home. >> americans are struggling to get home, including one university student. she has been studying in japan since august. now he is trying to get out. the study abroad program canceled the rest of the semester her mother is hoping the long journey is safe. >> everybody is is trying to get out and that's a problem, because the roads in japan aren't that big. they are not like the united states. she said she saw a train that was stopp
. moammar khadafy is refusing to give up without a fight. >> reporter: the u.s. and britain fired cruz missiles from warships and submarines and the mediterranean sea. >> over 110 tomahawk missiles fired from the u.s. and british submarines struck air defense facilities ashore. >> reporter: the operation dubbed odyssey dawn is part of an international campaign to enforce a no-fly zone to stop attacks by libyan leader khadafy against his own people. >> we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people that there will be no mercy. >> reporter: earlier in the day, french fighter jets held on in the eastern part of the country. the strikes came after an emergency summit of top officials from the u.s., europe, and arab countries attended by secretary of state hillary clinton in paris. khadafy called libyan state tv to say his country will defend itself against what he called crusaders. libyan officials claimed the attacks hit civilians and killed dozens, including children. that couldn't be verified. the no-fly zone was authorized by the united nations thursday and libya said it would
and the effects felt on u.s. shores. >>> hello everyone i'm denise koch. we are following new developments tonight out of japan. following that horrible earthquake and tsunami. incredible pictures have been coming out of japan in the last 24 hours. japan issued a state of emergency for five nuclear reactors at two power plants. thousands are evacuated as workers try to get the reactors under control and prevent a melt down. up to this hour there has not been a radiation leak. wjz is live, randall pinkston is covering the disaster. but we -- >> reporter: the initial 23- foot wall of water washed homes, cars and entire villages up to 3 miles inland. before sucking some of it back out to sea. thousands are injured, more than 500 are confirmed dead, but with more than 700 people still missing the death toll is expected to rise. >> all we see is a pile of debris. we've been looking for people but we see nobody. >> reporter: by nightfall, fires rage throughout the quake zone. japan is used to earthquakes. but not like this. >> i thought i was going to die this woman said. it was enormous. everyone in to
calling for a study of the to youers at other airports across the country. >>> tonight u.s. is patrolling off the coast of libya. nato forces continue with air strikes against gadhafi's troops. at the same time the rebel forces took steps today to form a government. and president obama says the no fly zone will absolutely not lead to a u.s. land invasion. >>> in japan tonight there was a run on bottled water in the area surrounding the nuclear power plant. the radiation is twice the recommended level for babies so parents are advised not to give them tap wort and raid -- water. and radiation has also been found in -- reactor 3. >>> the loss of a legend. tonight fans are mourning the death of elizabeth taylor. she was 79 years old. kenneth gibson reports on taylor's profound effect on hollywood. >> i'm not going to say good- bye to you here in the moonlight. >> reporter: the world did have to say goodbye to elizabeth taylor wednesday. her violet eyes. >> the world is going to miss liz. i know everybody who loved her and worked with her and had the privilege of being in her space is going t
of its $98 million in government funding. >>> gadhafi's forces battered libyan rebels today. u.s. and other international allys have agreed to provide the rebels with money but haven't decided whether to give them weapons. the u.s. says they don't know enough about the rebels and there might be an al-qaida presence among them. >>> derek valcourt explains family members of victims are not making an emotional appeal for change. >> reporter: 15-year-old conner cole struck and killed by a reckless drive. cole's father calls that man's punishment unfair. >> he did not go to court. we never saw him. he killed our son and just paid a fine. $1,200. >> reporter: harry koswski killed by a man who was looking down at a phone. >> i think perhaps even spending a week or two in a local jail facility might have gotten the point across. that what he was doing and the way he was driving was a serious problem. it was extremely irresponsible. >> reporter: both families now advocating for a change. the current law one of only a few in the country that requires proving a driver acted with negligence.
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. >>> threading carefully, the u.s. military is cautiously deciding whether to take action against libya. they are concerned about the effect it could be in the war effort in afghanistan. two u.s. assault ships are heading into the mediterranean. they are to be used only for emergency evacuations and supplies. libya is building their arsenal with stockpiles of old soviet weapons. it is the first time any country has been suspended from the council since it began. >>> a war is being waged in annapolis that could make gas prices even more. there is plans to rise gas tax. >> reporter: just as unrest in the middle east has caused prices to skyrocket. >> we've just had enough. >> what has you so fed up? >> the taxes. >> reporter: one bill would up the tax 12 more cents, the money would go to fix roads. >> how much money do you think this will raise? >> we're hoping that the bill would raise some where around $500 million a year. the gas tax hasn't been raised since 1992. >> reporter: and it has high profile support from baltimore's mayor and the transportation committee who has seen the gas p
became the fist woman to run for vice president on a major u.s. ticket. >> america is the land where dreams can come true for all of us. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: ferraro died at a massachusetts hospital where she was being treated for blood cancer. in a statement, president obama said geraldine will forever be remembered as a trail blazer who broke down barriers for women and americans of all backgrounds and walks of life. >> are we gonna win this one? >> reporter: ferraro was a little known congresswoman from queens, new york, when walter mondale chose her as his running mate. >> vice president has such a nice ring to it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but mondale and ferraro lost the election to ronald reagan and george h.w. bush in a landslide that november. she never again held public office, losing bids for the senate in 1992 and '98. she was diagnosed with multiple my loma in 1998 and underwent treatment for years. recently, the cancer caused severe complications. doctors say she was surrounded by family when she passed away. geraldine ferraro was 75 years old. alexis ch
the arrests part of a crack down of a large baltimore gang. the u.s. attorney and commissioner talked about what it took to make these arrests. >> this is one of the largest cases that we have prosecuted here in baltimore. >> in this case we made impact. we got the top, we got the bottom and we got everything in between. >> we got men and women out there right now hunting and seeking out again even more. >> mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> a total of 63 people were arrested today facing federal and state conspiracy charges. >>> new developments in that baltimore city police tow truck scam. a federal grand jury arrested a tow truck owner. they are accused of arranging for majestic tow company. >>> in developing story out of baltimore city tonight where police are looking for a mother and her baby. both missing for more than two days now. this is 21-year-old stephanie jones and her 4 -month-old son michael jones. police tell us they were last seen tuesday afternoon in the 2700 block of eastern avenue. they could be with a black man with dread locks and a black woman. if you have any inform
. >> reporter: a ranking of u.s. prices shows baltimore comes in at number 84 with an average price of $285. the highest was newark, new jersey at $440. the lowest was atlantic city at $188. back to you. >> thank you, kai. to find the cheapest prices in your neighborhood, log on to and click on links and numbers. >>> they are armed and they are shooting to kill. libyan troops are dropping bombs and firing on rebels who refuse to back down. >> for days, rebels had advanced through town after town of eastern libya as they make their push to gadhafi's stronghold in tripoli. nato is increasing surveillance flights over libya as it debates placing a no fly zone over the country. >>> so what took you so long. those were the words of the east coast rapest as he was arrested by authorities. he is accused of terrorizing dozensover dozens -- dozens of women across the country. he is already starting to confess. >> reporter: prosecutors believe he's the east coast rapist pictured in these rapists. beginning in maryland stretching to virginia, rhode island and connecticut. he was arrested last
partner of the u.s. paralympic team. jim: that's short. price snaps it long and in the hands of leslie and the shot, no! greg g.: and that's how things wound down in charlotte a few moments ago as we welcome you back to new york, everyone and "road to the final four" here on cbs. greg gumbel along with greg anthony, kenny smith and charles barkley. the washington huskies moving on, barely. charles: they played very well. isaiah thomas dominated the game. when they play north carolina, the scoreboard operator better get a good night's sleep. greg g.: they will play north carolina on sunday. v.c.u. comes out of the first round of play. they beat georgetown and they will play purdue. a game still in action on trutv. a 56-46 lead for syracuse over indiana state. 7:15 to play there and another final score earlier this evening, illinois over unlv 73-62 and illinois will play kansas on sunday. kenny: a tough loss for unlv. greg g.: tomorrow morning at 11:00 eastern time, get a head start on your ncaa viewing day. then at noon eastern or cbs, west virginia against kentucky. at 2:45, ucla again
in german the shooters killed two u.s. airmen. two more were injured. say there was an argument in front of the bus. president obama is vowing there will be justice. a citizen is behind bars and trying to find out if he had ties to any terror groups. >>> rolling in about the east coast rapist thanks to bill boards. police believe the same man committed rapes and attacks on 17 women since 1997. bill boards with sketches are right here in baltimore. the campaign's website generated 44,000 hits in just the first 12 hours after its launch. >>> a pregnant college student vanishes. now her parents want answers. 21-year-old beth knee decker and her husband spent time at her grandparents' home in late january. three weeks later her parents found her car but no sign of beth knee. her husband has returned from overseas. >>> several students are accused of assaulting a fellow student who wanted to join their group. with you withwu wu janning explains. >> reporter: the victim found herself in a 10 on 1 situation which left her badly bruised up by the women she wanted to be her sore orty sisters. vio
what we want. >>> 80% of the u.s. population lives within a two hour flight of atlanta. because of that delta airline who's hub is in atlanta says it will begin flights to cuban later this year. >>> health officials say 100 people were sickened at a swimmers mete. the pool itself is not likely to be the source. >>> speed cameras are popping up in more and more maryland counties and more now adds power to the list. county executive ken alway is going to ask the county for two van mounted mobile speed cameras. 66% of howard county drivers exceeded the speed limit on school zones. it's a matter of safety and that every dollar raised through tickets will go back to traffic safety. >>> it's not safety or economics but pure esthetics that won out about what to do with ocean city's famed boardwalk. the boardwalk is deteriorating. the county asked the residents, should the board be wood, or concrete painted to look like wood. people in over 25 countries voted and 51% said all wood. >>> becoming a new father can be an emotional moment especially if you deliver the baby yourself. >> i go
attending a meet at the u.s. naval academy. the state health department is still trying to figure out what was behind the outbreak. >> reporter: over the weekend was set to compete in 6 races. she was most excited for the last two, but then. >> i woke up on sun and i just didn't feel good. i tried to go to the pool and i threw up. >> reporter: the howard high school junior is one of 99 people that caught a nasty stomach bug at the event with more than 800 participants age 9 to 18, several vomited on the pool deck. >> we had to evacuate the pool for a little while. in trash cans, on the deck, there was throw up. >> even though so many got sick on saturday, organizers decided not to cancel the meet which ended on sunday night. they worked with a -- to make sure the area was safe. >> we closed the pool and followed all protocol, made sure the disinfectant levels were adequate. >> to determine what caused the awe break, symptoms point to. >> we think in a closed space like this with a lot of kids, a lot of human contact it was a great environment to pass a virus. >> has recovered now looking f
index fell since trading opened tuesday morning. all of the major u.s. markets also fell today. >>> a major demonstration tonight in annapolis. police were forced to shut down seats as thousands of -- streets as thousands of union members approached the mall. we're live with more. >> reporter: the union workers don't want their benefits to change during the upcoming budget battle, and there were taxpayers showed up dressed up as pigs, they say the union workers are being greedy. >> we are asking them to keep the promise. >> reporter: union state employees took over annapolis. skyeye chopper 13 shows the thousands who want legislators to keep their hands off their benefits, specifically their opiniontions, after the governor has said cuts ma may be -- may be necessary. >> we must also fix and save our state's pension system, which has fallen out of balance, thereby threatening the long-term stability of our state finances. >> reporter: they say they've sacrificed enough. >> the commitment to us, we would have reasonable health benefits, and that we would have support after 30 ye
to take over what has been a u.s. led operation. as republican leaders question the goals and timing of the mission. >> had he waited for congress to come back, had he waited for -- taken more time to debate and consult on this issue, i think there's very little doubt that beng haustus would have fallen and other people would have died. >>> open protests now in syria. syrian troops opened fire on demonstrations. there's reports security forces shot to death more than 15 people in six cities. hasad is an allied of iran and has ruled with an iron fist. >>> in japan tonight, the situation is grave and serious, according to that country's prime minister. the damage is more dangerous than they thought after a breach in the reactor. people living in 20 miles are urged to stay indoors or evacwait and the death toll has risen to 10,000. >>> tonight there's new reaction to the incident at reagan international airport admits he was sleep. this is new video of him leaving his home today. when asked for a comment, he declined. congress is calling for a full investigation. >> reporter: the reagan
the situation in person thursday. u.s. energy secretary admits he's baffled. >> there are conflicting reports so we don't really know in detail what's happening. >> reporter: the conflicting reports and uncertainty are spreading fear and anxiety in japan. people here have begun to prepare for the worse. >> reporter: you want to save their life? >> yes. >> reporter: and for that reason they fled tokyo. officials believe over 10,000 people are dead and the struggle continues for the hundreds of thousands of survivors staying in shelters. >>> rumors of a melt down caused a mini melt down on wall street. other indexes also fell considerably. stay with wjz for updates on the devastation. >>> 4 american journalists reporting on the conflict in libya are missing tonight. they include tyler hicks and lindsey -- reporter steven farrell. editors at the new york times say their last contact with the 4 was on tuesday. libyan leaders have assured the times they are trying to find the journalist as well. >>> into thin well. a college student disappears without money, his car or a working cell phone. spoke wit
to the investigation say they pulled his dna off of a discarded cigarette. u.s. marshals say it matched 12 of their cases. >> we are proud of our investigation, and hope the arrest of aaron thomas brings some closure to our victims in our communities. >> reporter: thomas is an unemployed truck driver who lives in connecticut with his girlfriend and their 5-year-old son, but police say his last known attack was in prince william county, virginia, not far from the home he once lived in on this quiet cul-de-sac from 2000 to 2005. police say he returned to this virginia area around halloween in 2009 and dragged two teenage girls into the woods at gunpoint and raped them. >> at that time, we started to keep our girls in the house. >> reporter: this sketch, the only image of thomas police have released. they don't want to show his mug shot yet, because they want to encourage more victims to come forward. wjz eyewitness news. >>> also this weekend, police say thomas tried to hang himself at his jail cell. he is now back behind bars after a brief hospital stay. his court appearance is still on zul
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